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“state of the art” rules

 If building a Rhea takes time it’s because we want them to be long lasting boats, extremely wellbuilt with a painstaking care to details.
Come and see your Rhea Open during the termination process!
You are more than welcome to the shipyard to discover your boat and fall in love with it before seeing it afloat. We are at your service to create a unique history between you and your boat. A history that can last a long, very long time… Owning a Rhea boat is also making a gift for the future generations.


Two gelcoat coats on every edge of the hatch’s cuttings

Wood work

Large pieces of wood chosen and cut to our dimensions by our talented carpenter


Every beam is coated and so are every thermo connections and electrical outputs systematically separated.

Deck gear

Equipments secured by important ubiquitous reinforcements.


A stratified stern tube stuck to the hull and to the structure for perfectly impermeable junctions.

Quality check

Two successive controls, each operated by the shipyard and an exterior office.